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About Us

Jose Rosell and Mauricio Rosell were sitting in a table during the pandemic in 2019 talking about different businesses that they could of started in that moment. Mauricio and Jose knew right away that their opportunity in e-commerce and the desire to hunt for high end luxury products was the best fit for them to join forces.

BLNG was formed with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between the wishful and the ambitious. While offering high quality diamond chains made of real or lab grown diamonds, this jewelry isn’t made only for the artists and entrepreneurs with endless budgets, it’s designed for the underdog; the up-and-coming talents of the latin phenomenon from a new generation that is going take over the planet with music, rhythm, and style.

In just 7 months since BLNG’s inception, Mauricio haves the turned the heads of talents like Juhn El Allstar, Rios, Young Miko, Nicky Jam, De La Ghetto, Lenny Tavares, Jotaerre, Lil Jou Jou, Dei V, Alejo and other artists by delivering quality products while avoiding to lose sight of the rising talents that are yet to shine with the BLNG staple.

This isn’t just a jewelry brand, BLNG is an experience designed for the dreamer. We are about making future stars rock gold plated chains, while delivering the luxury needed for success by making real gold jewelry with VVS, VS, SI diamonds with an unmatched attention to detail. 

Every single product goes through thorough inspection, making BLNG’s clientele the top priority with every purchase, while offering a lifetime guarantee on every single one of our products. 

The sky is the limit, even if getting there feels like a marathon. Make your own path a reality with BLNG.